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Hannaford Helps Schools

Hannaford Helps Schools gives you an opportunity to raise funds for your school. This year's program will begin August 30 and run through November 28, 2015.  All you need to do is shop at Hannaford, check out, and then submit your "school dollars" in the collection tower right in the store.

View participating products and additional information here.

2015/2016 Bus Routes Available

Bus routes for the 2015/2016 school year can be found on the school district's website.  Head to the Departments tab and then transportation.

Kindergarten Bus Tags

Attention all Parents of Kindergarten Students:
Riding the school bus is a new experience for kindergarten students.  In an effort to enhance bus safety for kindergartners, we have implemented a bus tag program.  The program is designed to assist kindergarten children in getting off the bus at the correct bus stops.  

Please take a moment to read and fill out this form (click here). It should be returned to your child's kindergarten teacher at Meet & Greet on August 26th.

Bedford SD Registration

An email will go out during this week to all parents of students registered in the Bedford School District.  This email will come from "Bedford SD Registration".  The purpose is to verify all student information prior to the start of the school year.  You will receive an email for each registered student, with detailed directions. Please be aware that the InfoSnap registration process is not complete until you've clicked the submit button on the last page.

PWS Gear

Now through Friday 9/4/15 Bedford Wear is offering 10% off your spirit wear orders!  A percentage of every item ordered is given back to our school! When you order a PWS item, a % of that order goes back to PWS!  Use coupon code BTS2015 when checking out - and use 'store pick up' - you'll get the 10% off and your order will be available to pick up in the office of your child's school once completed!

Meet & Greet

Come meet your child's classroom teacher and drop of school supplies on Wednesday, August 26th. Meet and Greet runs from 1:30-3:00 PM.