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2018-2019 Schoolyard Expectations

We are off to a great first day for the 2018-2019 school year. Students are provided with a variety of choices when they are on the schoolyard during recess times. Each year the classroom teachers, as well as Mrs. Ferenc, remind students of the expectations for each area and piece of equipment. This ensures the materials are used appropriately and students are able to enjoy their outside time safely. Check out the image below if you're interested in learning what language is being used with your child or seeing what some of the more structured choices are. Of course students are also encouraged to play in the field area.

2018 Start of the School Year Info

For those new to Peter Woodbury we'd like to welcome you to our school community. For those returning, we look forward to seeing you again!

The 2018-2019 school year starts on Tuesday, August 28th. School hours are 8:00am-2:20pm. The bell rings for students to enter the building from morning recess at 7:55am. Please take a minute to revisit or familiarize yourself with our arrival and dismissal procedures.  Bus routes are available and can be found on the district website.

All children play in the schoolyard, weather permitting, from 7:30-7:55am. At 7:55am students line up by class and enter the building to begin the day. Every teacher in the building is outside in the morning the first week or so of school to help greet each child and assist them with finding their line and answer their questions.

2018 Beginning of Year InfoSnap Process

On August 3rd, everyone received an email from Bedford SD Registration asking for the Infosnap process to be completed. Approximately half of our students do not have this filled out. We urge you to complete this prior to the first day of school. By completing this process you are ensuring the school has updated contact, emergency and medical information for your child(ren). It also lets us know if your child can be photographed for the yearbook, for the classroom, if your child's work can be hung on the walls or published online, etc. In addition it allows your child(ren) to use the technology tools available to them and their teachers.