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Parent Info Night for Next Year's 5th Graders


After School Garden Club Spring 2017

Garden Club is open to Grades TWO through FOUR after school on Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 and 6/15 Rain or Shine
Maximum Number of Students: 25
Registration is first come, first served and will close 5/5. Please use this link to register your child.
A suggested donation of $25 (payable to PWS) is appreciated to help in sustaining the gardens and buying supplies.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ferenc at or 622-0431 x24265

April 2017 Penguin Prophet

Fourth grade Writers Group, with Mrs. Speaker's guidance, have worked hard to publish the first edition of the Penguin Prophet. Be sure to check it out.

Update to the Prosthetic Project

Back in November we were excited to share all about a prosthetic project that is happening for one of our second graders, Harun.  The students at ASD in Nashua have been working very hard and have been learning so much to create (3D print) Harun's prosthetic.  This process started in August 2016 when our Occupational Therapy Assistant, Penny Demos, got the ball rolling.  She has been working closely with the school and Enabling the Future all year long.

Today is very special day because Harun's mold was made to create a cast of his right arm for ASD to work with. Watch the video below to hear Harun explain his prosthetic.

2017 PWS Art Show


Bags, Belts & Shoes - Donate and Recycle

In case you haven't heard Bedford DI had great success at the DI State Tournament last weekend at BHS.  Five of our teams won the opportunity of competing at the Global Finals in TN in May.  While the experience of going to the Global tournament will be priceless, it will cost the teams who choose to accept the invitation a considerable amount to make the trip.  Bedford DI is busy organizing fundraisers  and this Monday we kick it off with our annual Ecosmith, shoes, bags, and belt fundraiser.  In order to get credit for the special fundraiser, all items must be placed in the blue bags inside the boxes in the lobby of your school. Ecosmith takes shoes in all conditions, even that one shoe/sneaker who has lost it's mate!  All clothing and fabric in regular bags, can go directly into the Ecosmith bin in the parking lots.

Friendship Bench

On Wednesday, April 5, each student was given a bracelet that says "I AM AMAZING!"  and were part of an All School Meeting by Acacia from Tiny Girl, Big Dream.  This presentation was about encouraging every student at Peter Woodbury to reach out to one another in friendship and bring positive change to the world.  The school received a Friendship Bench that will be put in the school yard.  Ask your children about Acaia and what they learned from her today!