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Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride

The Bedford School District Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride program is available to anyone interested! Our program’s designated night is Friday, beginning the first Friday after New Years and running for 5 consecutive Fridays. Your passes will be available for pick up in December, just in time for gift giving!  For more information, contact Isabelle Grenier at

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination - Parent Info Night Parent Info Night for Destination Imagination in all Schools K-8th Grade will be held this Monday September 21st or Thursday September 24th at 6.30pm in the Peter Woodbury School Library.   To learn more about the program and how to provide your child with this enrichment opportunity, please come and meet our District Co-ordinator, Marie Russell, in the PWS Library at  6.30pm or email Marie at For more information and to find out what Destination Imagination is all about, check out

Zones of Regulation Rap

Peter Woodbury School implements a program called the Zones of Regulation.  This program helps students learn how to stay in a zone (green) that is best for learning, while also learning it's okay to be in blue, yellow, or red sometimes.

With the help of Mrs. Clark, our guidance counselor, the Zones of Regulation Committee at PWS created a rap video to help the students remember what the zones are all about.

Constitution Day

“I Signed the Constitution” Day is Thursday, Sept. 17th.  Constitution Day was made an official holiday by Congress in 2004, and is normally observed on September 17th, the date on which the world’s oldest written constitution was signed into law in 1787. 
On Thursday, September 17th all students at will sign the PWS Constitution. We invite students to join us as we celebrate our awareness and appreciation of our national constitution at PWS.  Boys are encouraged to wear vests or for a more accurate look, breeches (ending at the knee) with a collared shirt and knee socks. Girls are encouraged to wear aprons or collarless shirts and pull-on long skirts.  Support can also be shown by wearing red, white, and blue. 

Open House

This year's Open House is on Tuesday, September 15th.  Open House gives parents an opportunity to meet their child's teacher.  It also gives our students the chance to show their parents around their classroom and the school.  If your child is in Grades K-2 then you should attend some time between 6pm and 7pm.  If your child is in grades 3 or 4 then you should attend some time between 7pm and 8pm.  We look forward to seeing everyone!


Boxtops for Education is a program that gives back to the schools.  All you need to do is purchase a participating product, clip the boxtop from the box, and after you've collected some send them into school with your child.  Any money received from the boxtops goes directly back to your child's classroom.  The first boxtop turn in date is October 16th so be sure to have them into your child's teacher by then.