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Parking Concerns

There continues to be great concerns about parents dropping students off at the front of the school. Several parents have emailed me to express their safety concerns about the students during this time. We encourage you to have your child take the bus or drop your child off in the back parking lot by 7:55 am. After 7:55, the expectation is that parents park and walk their child into the building.  
Ideally, parents are able to find a marked spot in the parking lot. However, we understand this is not always possible. Starting tomorrow (March 1st), cones will be placed in a line in the front parking lot. This is to prevent drivers from turning around in the middle of the parking lot. Please follow the line of cones to the end before turning around. Then, pull up to the furthest spot before pulling over to park and walk your child inside. Finally, please do not let your child walk in between traffic.
Thanks for your cooperation with this as we continue to address the traffic and try our…

Family Fun Night

This year's Family Fun Night falls on Tuesday, March 29th. More information will be forthcoming.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week - February 15th to February 19th
Monday, February 15th - PWS Spirit Day     Wear your PWS gear or dress in black & white like our mascot Waddles, the penguin.
Tuesday, February 16th - Teacher/Student Switch-a-Roo     Students can dress like staff members and teachers/staff will dress like students.
Wednesday, February 17th - Wacky Wednesday     Style your hair in a new way, wear your clothes mismatched or backwards.  Do you have a favorite hat? Be      creative!
Thursday, February 18th - Pajama Day     Come to school dressed in your comfy clothes. Students will still be going outdoors for recess if weather allows.     No slippers, please.
Friday, February 19th - Sports Day      Wear your favorite sports shirt, rec. league jersey, or dress in your team colors.

First Edition of "The Penguin Prophet"

The Penguin Prophet is a school newspaper put together by 4th grader writers, with the assistance of Mrs. Speaker.