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Field Day 2016

Fields Day activities will take place on Thursday, June 9th with a rain date of June 10th.  The third and fourth grade field day will take place in the morning from 9:00-11:00 and field day for the first and second grade will begin at 12:00 and end at 2:00. Parent Volunteers are still needed for this event to run successfully.  Please sign up at this link if you are interested.

Drums Alive - 3rd Grade Artist in Residence

Our Third grade students will participate in a Drums Alive residency, through artist Peg Keeler, from 5/31-6/6.  Drums Alive is a whole body-mind experience that combines the dynamic movements of fitness and dance with music, drumming and rhythm that fosters and improves health and overall well-being in individuals.  Drums alive unites individuals from all walks of life, abilities and backgrounds using rhythm, aerobic, moves, fundamental movement and fitness skill, drum sticks, stability balls and fun.

Sliming Mrs. Daley

On Monday, Peter Woodbury participated in a Breakout EDU activity created by Mrs. Speaker and Mrs. Cassamassino.  A Breakout EDU session allows the students to engage in an activity that combines group work, collaborative thinking, problem solving in multiple curriculum areas. The students are asked to solve a series of problems to open locks to get additional clues to solve a final puzzle.  The Breakout ended with Mrs. Daley being slimed.