Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day 2015

Our Veterans Day Wall of Heroes has become an annual 

Peter Woodbury School Tradition! 

Do you have an Armed Service member in your family tree? Please help us honor those who have served and/or are currently serving America this Veterans Day!  If you haven’t already done so in previous years, we ask that you submit a picture of your “family” member with the following information: rank, branch of service, years of service, student’s name, and family relationship. 

Please be sure the pictures that you send in are copies! Or, you can email your .jpg image to Mrs. Beltramo at 

Please submit pictures to Mrs. Beltramo by October 27, 2016. 

If you have previously sent in a picture, then it has been saved and will remain a part of our gallery.

Please stop by to see our “Wall of Heroes” in its chronological display on the walls outside of the Multipurpose Room from  November 1 through December 1.