The day before . . .

break in December is always one filled with excitement and energy.  Peter Woodbury School started with an all school meeting this morning; allowing all the students and staff to come together to share in the festive feel.

At Peter Woodbury we continually learn about tolerance. Tolerance means understanding and respecting how we are different. Our fourth graders learned about different traditions and holidays that people celebrate around the world and how each culture is unique. The most special thing they learned is that though we have many different traditions during the holiday season, all of our traditions celebrate peace, generosity, and love. The video below is a sampling of different traditions from families in our school community.

To end our meeting and as a surprise to our students, Mrs. Curran (our music teacher) pulled together some brave teacher volunteers to form a chorus. Even though these teachers were nervous, they did a marvelous job! While the entire all school meeting warmed our hearts, there were two parts in particular that stand out. The first can be heard while the staff is singing Frosty the Snowman.  Listen carefully and you can hear all of our students joining in. Second was partnering with the fourth grade chorus for the final song.