Jump Rope for Heart


Our Jump Rope for Heart event kicked off this week in Physical Education class with a little video about a Heart Hero, Bran, who is 11 years old and was born with a heart condition called Pulmonary Atresia.  Thanks to the children who have raised donations for the American Heart Association in the past Bran was able to have surgery to help his heart.  This week in Physical Education class students discussed heart disease to aid their understanding of why they are raising money for the American Heart Association.  Collection envelopes are going home this week (March 1st-4th) and must be returned by Friday, March 25. But, online fundraising is easier and more efficient.  The students don't have to worry about handing in the money they raise.  Mrs. Ferenc has encouraged the students to make web pages by visiting heart.org/jump and search for Peter Woodbury School using city and state.  Students can join our school's team and set up their own web page to email family and friends.  

Last year PWS raised $13,087  Please help us beat our new goal of $13,200!