Annual Food Drive

2016 Peter Woodbury School Annual Food Drive

November 28, 2016
Dear Parents,

During this time of year we are increasingly aware of how fortunate we are to have good friends, loving families, a place to call home, and food to eat. Unfortunately, we know that so many in our community are not as fortunate, and we feel that there is something we can do to help. Since we know that food banks are always in need of food, Peter Woodbury is holding a food drive for the New Hampshire Food Bank.
Students can start bringing in canned goods, dry goods, and any other non- perishable food items this Friday. Contributions are not required and we are aware that there are so many different ways, events, issues, and causes to donate to and one family certainly cannot do it all. We'll kick off our food drive with a one item small donation this Friday, December 2nd. When 500 kids each do something small it adds up really fast; together we can really make a difference. Next week we'll target items that are of particular need by having theme days (listed below). All nonperishable items are appreciated and accepted. Thank you for considering this important effort and we wish everyone the best during the holidays.

Friday, (12/2) - Any item “Together we can make difference!”
Monday (12/5) - Mac & Cheese
Tuesday (12/6) - Tuna
Wednesday (12/7) - Cereal
Thursday (12/8) - Peanut Butter
Friday (12/9) - Soup

Thank you,
The Fourth Grade Team