Mr. Munsey's Rug Art - Updated

A lot has changed since our original post on November 6th about Mr. Munsey, our new night custodian. After doing an excellent job of cleaning the classrooms and preparing/creating a safe & clean learning space for our students and teachers, Mr. Munsey creates a work of art in the rug using his vacuum. He creates excitement in the students, who look forward to entering their classroom each day to see if there is a creation and what it is. 

WMUR aired a few pictures of Mr. Munsey's creations during a weather forecast (you can see the clip below). They received pictures from Mrs. Wyand, who shared them on the WMUR Facebook page.  As you know, that information was then shared on the PWS website and Facebook page. Mrs. Cassamassino then took to twitter with the news. With follow up tweets by Mrs. Wyand and Mrs. Kane.  As a result, Mr. Munsey and PWS have gone viral.  You can find stories on this amazing rug art on Good Morning AmericaInside EditionFox 25 Boston, NBC News in Denver, CO, Access Hollywood, Fuji TV (yes, in Japan), CJAD 800AM in Montreal, Canada, Good News Network, and Woman's Day.  Some have only aired the information on their show and some have provided links to written articles/videos as well.   

Back to WMUR . . . they were at Peter Woodbury today to interview Mr. Munsey and some of the first grade students who get to experience how good he is at his job as well as his joy in what he does. 

While Mr. Munsey has gone above and beyond what is expected of him, we would also like to take a minute to recognize all of our custodial staff. They all do a great job keeping Peter Woodbury clean and in good shape! 

Post from Nov. 6, 2016

Mr. Munsey is new to Peter Woodbury this year. He is a night custodian who goes that extra mile for our students. Mr. Munsey takes time to vacuum patterns into a couple of classroom rugs at PWS. Students look forward to coming to school in the morning and seeing what he created the night before. It really is true . . . every person in a school touches students' lives!  On Sunday, Nov. 6th he was recognized on WMUR News 9, due to Mrs. Angie Wyand bringing his art work to their attention.  You can view more of Mr. Munsey's rug art here.

Charlie Brown